Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 days, 6 states.. hey it's summer!! :)

Okay, so I thought im done with my busy-ness and now im back to business (my dear blog.) But apparently, I thought wrong. Pardon me for neglecting my blog for the next couple of week (or maybe forever) because I realize that im about to travel to a lot of places, then probably moving (
Im not telling you where.)

But well, yeah. Im about to attend 2 weddings for the next 2 weekend, and between that, im going to some places like georgia, New York (lol), new jersey, California, and some other places. But yeah.. im about to be really busy. But if I have time, I'd post some pictures that I took between my travel kay??

oh yeah and im super excited for this thing too..
the thing that i've been waiting for like a thousand years (super hyperbole!! lol)
but okayy...

Im gonna spend some time in JAKARTA this summer.. wOOt wOOt :)
Im uber excited rite noww hahah!!

got this from a friend of mine this morning:
Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. ~Charles Reade

oh and one more.. I got my contact lenses today!! gosh my life is perfect right now.. LMAO!
but well, let's see what's more to come this summer okayy??

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  1. waaww welcome to Jakarta!
    have a nice summer! ^_^

  2. awesome photos! i was really happy when i first got my contacts too, but ive started wearing glasses again lol


  3. hi
    like ur blog
    check mine
    mind to follow and exchange link
    thx dear

  4. hm,,,
    lucky you
    that u can spend this summer that way
    soo fun

  5. are you Indonesian? LOL, thanks for your sweet comment x)


  6. wow great youre gonna go here to indonesia :D
    cant wait to see your next post.
    anyway you do have cute photos lmao :)

  7. kamu cocok bgt deh pake maxi dress.gorgeous!!
    selamat berlibur di jakarta ya :) hihi
    check my new post.

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  9. I'd love to see Jakarta! Heard it is beautiful :)

  10. nice outfit , moo ! (:

  11. wohoo. love your dress kak :) I'm sorry for too late response. I'm busy. abis mos dan sibuk jadi anaka baru soalnya hehe.

    heart ya ♥

  12. yeeayyy,, welcome home,, welcome to jakarta :)

  13. ..


  14. Nice photo! And that's a nice quote, too :-)


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