Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Post (:

This blogging thing is pretty interesting so I thought I'll give it a try..

I am 15 years old, a sophomore in High School,
and fyi, I am 6 ft. tall (180 cm)
but would LOVE to wear high heels.
Currently I have never wear a REAL high heels before.
My mom don't allow me to wear one.
I can only wear low & mid heels.

She said that if I wear one,
it would be awkward for people
(especially when they're older than me)
to look up in order to talk to me.
I might gonna scare boys away
and I won't have boyfriend forever.
(HAHAHA i.dont.even.care.bout.that.mom!!)

I promise I will wear high heels one day

Below are some pictures of me:

I thought that one was cool except my silly teeth ha!

Black vs. Blue skirt
which one is better?

This is the original picture

I just realized that the picture appear so tiny..
I'll make it bigger on my next post okay??